[BANDBTC](75%) Band Protocol PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
October 8, 2019
[mcrypto id="29363"][/mcrypto]

Band Protocol (BAND) Overview

Band Protocol offers a decentralized data oracle by making data readily available to be queried on-chain, using delegated proof of stake ("dPoS") to ensure data integrity. It aims to be the go-to data infrastructure layer for Web 3.0 applications by providing decentralized, curated off-chain data to smart contracts through oracles managed by its dPoS consensus mechanism.


Band Protocol (BANDBTC) Chart Signals Analysis

Let's start by looking at the chart. This is a young chart so we are looking at the 4H timeframe:

  • These are not really strong signals but they are starting to take form... (Early signals)
  • We have bullish divergence with the MACD (purple arrows). This is when we see prices moving lower while the indicator is moving higher.
  • Volume is yet to come in but we can see a broken downtrend line and a test of EMA10.
  • If BANDBTC can move pass EMA10, expect for it to go higher.


Here is the RSI:

  • Hit oversold recently and jumped up.
  • Trading above resistance and shows room available for growth.


  • Moving higher.


Band Protocol (BANDBTC) Trade Details

Buy-in: 0.00005000 - 0.00005400


(1) 0.00005750 Hit 6-Mar.
(2) 0.00005920 Hit 10-Mar.
(3) 0.00006110 Hit 10-Mar.
(4) 0.00006450 Hit 10-Mar.
(5) 0.00006666 Hit 10-Mar.
(6) 0.00007000 Hit 10-Mar.
(7) 0.00008500 Hit 10-Mar.
(8) 0.00009100 Hit 10-Mar.

Profits potential: 75%
(Buy calculated at 0.00005200)

Stop-loss: Close daily below 0.00004900.

Capital allocation: <10%.



When you learn to trust, in yourself and in your heart, the common meaning of the feeling of grieve disappears... It becomes a moment.

In this life, I had a vision, a vision of who I was.

Normally, while sharing this vision, I got distracted... Some people were not sure of who I was.

I continued living and growing as known by my Soul.

But as I share my story, all types of feelings are being expressed...
Some of my friends might think that I am lost...

Let me tell you that the path is already secured.
The vision always is/was 1,000% clear and exactly what I want.

As I got distracted and entertained by other people's doubts, they became my own...
Humble entertainment entertaining outside doubts but I never forget my goals.

At this one moment I am really suffering, people are looking like its the end of the world.

It might look like it, but deep inside there is fire burning and lighting up my Soul.

It is not pain that I am feeling, I am enjoying this moment to the fullest while sharing it with you all.

At the end of the path, I will be reunited with the Heavenly Father and the ultimate Creator of all of us...

I feel blessed to be able to share my story...

I truly appreciate your support...

Ahhhh, right!!! ...
That's what I wanted to say from the beginning...