[ARKBTC](634%) Ark PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
January 24, 2021
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Ark Overview

What Is ARK?

ARK is a cryptocurrency and blockchain-based development platform allowing anyone to create their own fully customizable and interoperable blockchain. Reducing the industries need for Smart Contracts by using custom transactions, logic, and multiple programming languages. ARK was founded in mid-2016, running an ICO later that year which raised $800k. The team claims that sound financial planning has allowed ARK to become a well-funded entity since its inception. On March 21, 2017, the ARK Public Network went live, hosting the native ARK crypto asset. The ARK business entity, ARK ECOSYSTEM SCIC, was formed shortly thereafter. The business entity is commonly referred to as ‘ARK.io’ which is part of the team’s branding and website.

The ARK Ecosystem consists of an open-source blockchain technology stack authored in TypeScript programming language.

  • ARK’s public network acts as a live implementation of ARK technology
  • Node operators act as delegates on the network-
  • Standalone blockchains run on ARK technology with independent node operators
  • A business entity that develops products powered by ARK and assists in maintaining the code base
  • An enterprise division driving adoption
  • A community of users, developers and service providers.

The ARK Public Network supports special transaction types such as multipayment, multisignature, various registration transactions, and IPFS hash transactions. ARK’s Deployer product allows customizable interoperable blockchain creation using a graphical user interface. This plug and play creation method allows developers to utilize ARK’s consensus model, technology stack, product line, and custom transactions.

Source: Coinmarketcap.com | Website: ark.io


ARKBTC Chart Analysis

We’ve traded Ark many times before with little success due to bad timing… Now we have more experience and we know how to wait.

ARKBTC is now coming out of an All-Time Low, which reduces risk by default because everything has already been sold.

Here is the chart:

  • Still early on this one but the RSI is now above resistance and above 50.
  • ATL hit 8-Jan. followed by bullish action.
  • ARKBTC now trading above EMA10/21.
  • Bullish altcoins market.
  • Altcoins season building up momentum.
  • Many altcoins printing bullish trends.

The entire market is linked/connected, so when one goes, the rest tends to follow.

The pairs move in groups.


ARKBTC Trade Numbers

Buy-in: 0.00001225 – 0.00001400

Next support: 0.00001111


1) 0.00001700 |Hit 5-Feb. (+28%)
2) 0.00002200 |Hit 5-Feb. (+65%)
3) 0.00002500 |Hit 21-Feb. (+88%)
4) 0.00003000 |Hit 21-Feb. (+126%)
5) 0.00003400 |Hit 21-Feb. (+156%)
6) 0.00004200 |Hit 24-Mar. (+216%)
7) 0.00005000 |Hit 24-Mar. (+276%)
8) 0.00005555 |Hit 24-Mar. (+318%)
9) 0.00006350 |Hit 19-May (+378%)
10) 0.00008450
11) 0.00009750

Potential profits: 634%

Stop-loss: Close weekly candle below 0.00000900

Capital allocation: <8%.



Here I stand… Once more, in front of you again…

Out of my eye can be perceived lots of feelings, there can be words, there can be experiences hard to understand.

I am trying to share it all…
I am always open to giving it all…

When I am praying, we are all always there.

Another chance to breathe comes and it asks me to share the feelings that I’ve acquired based on the experiences that I go through every day.

In many realities, it isn’t exactly what I want…
Or I did not receive what I thought was my request…
But there is never a second of doubt, there is never anything that I regret.

So when I take my time off and breathe deeply to find my Soul and see you again…

The message is always one of love and I end up crying and saying THANKS!

Even those moments I thought were the worst, those that push us higher and helps us grow when we can’t… I am always grateful… and regardless of the experience, I would like to thank you once again.

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING… I am sure we will see each other once more.


Right now I am sending you my deepest love.