[ANKRBTC](433%) Ankr Network PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
January 31, 2020
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Ankr Network (ANKR) Overview

The Cloud Renaissance
Out with the complex, in with the simple. Ankr represents a paradigm shift in the industry. Finally, cloud computing that is accessible and instantly distributed across the globe. Seriously.

Ankr Network aims to establish a more open cloud ecosystem by building a distributed computing platform that could leverage idle computing resources in an efficient marketplace. Noting high margins earned by tech giants involved in the cloud computing industry, the team behind Ankr Network believes there should be a way for researchers, students and startups to access affordable cloud computing in a way that is not centralized.

Website: ankr.com/


Ankr Network (ANKRBTC) Chart Signals & Analysis

Ankr Network has been available for trading on Binance since July 2019 and we will be looking at the full chart, ANKRBTC, on the daily (D) time frame (each candle is worth 24 hours):

  • We are looking here at low volume so the drop might not be over yet... With that said, ANKRBTC is now bottomed out and is showing bullish divergence on both the MACD and RSI... A bullish divergence can be spotted when prices are moving lower while the indicator is moving higher.
  • The RSI looks good, 44 can be neutral and here aiming for bullish since it is trending up.
  • Prices are trading near all-time low and with many altcoins changing trends, Ankr can do something similar soon... Let's get to the numbers!


Ankr Network PREMIUM Trade (ANKRBTC) by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00000013 - 0.00000015

Next support: 0.00000010 - 0.00000012


1) 0.00000019 |Hit 5-Feb. (+27%)
2) 0.00000023 |Hit 13-Feb. (+53%)
3) 0.00000026 |Hit 14-Feb. (+73%)
4) 0.00000029 |Hit 14-Feb. (+93%)
5) 0.00000034 |Hit 15-Feb. (+127%)
6) 0.00000039 |Hit 15-Feb. (+160%)
7) 0.00000045 |Hit 15-Feb. (+200%)
8) 0.00000049 |Hit 15-Feb. (+226%)
9) 0.00000055 |Hit 13-July (+257%)
10) 0.00000070 |Hit 13-July (+366%)
11) 0.00000080 |Hit 15-July (+433%)
10) 0.00000139 |Hit 10-Aug. (+827%)

Profits potential: 433%
(Price at writing 0.00000015)

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.00000010.

Capital allocation: <8%.



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